Thursday, September 2, 2010

Acting it Out

One day at work Jamy Wheless (my boss =oD) gave us this link to an article on 11SecondClub's website... This was gold to me because everything said there about acting helps me open my mind on how to approach a shot when you have to include acting.

It was written by Eric Scheur, I totally recommend it!


Josh Burton: Morpheus Rig

This rig looks just awesome, it'll be something like Bishop 2.0 which is already fantastic!!

Just click on the image to go to Josh's site, I found out about this rig @

Numan Rig

I found this rig @, I haven't played with it but for what it seems it's Norman rig with few body proportion changes =o).

How to get the Best Color Out of your Photos

I found this interesting article about colors @ Gizmodo and thought it would be cool to share...